Clearview AI made the news earlier this year in a New York Times article about their controversial facial recognition software built from billions of images obtained by scraping the Internet.

A recent report on CBC News discusses that Canadians can request to see what images Clearview AI has collected of them, but may not have the option to request for their removal.

In contrast, due to stronger privacy laws, specific forms are provided for residents of regions such as California, Britain and the EU, to request their images be deleted.

Clearview AI counts Canadian law enforcement agencies amongst its’ clients – and I surmise the company probably wouldn’t want to make it too easy for Canadians to remove their images en masse, else the effectiveness of their database for the Canadian market would be diminished.

To check for your existence in their database, you would have to email Clearview AI a headshot for comparison.

At this point, I don’t see it serving much purpose if you can’t also request for the results to be deleted – and you would have to trust that the photo sent to them won’t also be added to their system.

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