It’s been a tough go with minimal success – convincing family and friends to install yet another app.

People are going to use what “all” of their friends are already using, and are reluctant to install something “special” just to communicate with one person (me).

This post is my tiny part in attempting to help foster further adoption of Signal.

Nothing is 100% but with that said, any form of end-to-end encrypted messaging is undeniably better than plain sms/text.

And while there are other secure messengers available, Signal is open-source and offers a good balance of privacy and security for those seeking an alternative to privately owned apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Here’s a well made video I found on Youtube by Infosec Bytes to help explain Signal to non-techies, in a manner better than anything I can write.

Though the video is targetted towards investigative journalists, it’s still a good starting point for a wider audience to learn about the technology behind Signal, as well as to highlight its’ pros and cons.

The video is slightly dated (some of the competing apps mentioned are no longer around), but all of the main points are still valid.

Feel free to comment below if you come across any other introductory clips that are more current and just as effective in getting all the pertinant facts across.

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