Last week, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), issued a press release announcing that May 2020 saw the largest number of monthly .ca domain names registered in the registry’s 20+ year history.

An important detail to know when registering a domain name for your new website is that anyone can find out the owner’s (registrant) contact information by performing a WHOIS lookup.

With that said, personal or individually registered .ca domains are private by default and the contact details are redacted in the WHOIS results. Learn more about CIRA’s domain privacy at

However, if you registered your .ca domain as a company or organisation, or chose another domain extension such as .com – your information is public and will most likely be scraped by bots for use by spammers.

In this case, many domain registrars offer “whois privacy” services which substitute your contact details with that of the registrar’s or one of its’ subsidiaries. These services can range in cost from free to $10 or more per year.

Do keep in mind though – if you are setting up a business or e-commerce site, you may wish to keep this information public. As a consumer, I would personally never purchase anything from a site that opts for anonimity.

Should you be setting up a home-based business, one work-around in order to avoid disclosing to the world your residential address, would be to rent a mailbox at your local post office or UPS store.

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