Cyber-security investigator Brian Krebs has posted on his blog KrebsOnSecurity, the discovery that imposter site “” has been replacing Bitcoin addresses within its’ users’ private messages.

Privnote facilitates the sending of private self-destructing messages. A website using the plural of the domain looks nearly identical to the legitimate site and has been operating for nearly a year.

You could be a victim, if you are a user of and may potentially have gone to the imposter site by accident. Even if your messages did not contain Bitcoin addresses, one cannot be certain that your messages were not parsed for other types of information.

I have to wonder how it could have operated for so long – did pursue legal options or attempt a takedown request with the webhost?

And would it not have been prudent to place a message somewhere on their homepage warning users of the existence of the scam site under the pluralized web address?

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